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Poker blogs from the top poker players around the world. The top online poker source for keeping track of your favorite poker players. Read about tips and. My friend confesses the secrets of his online poker playing career! sites themselves, and tournament player rankings on poker blog sites). It would have been nice to win a million dollars playing online poker. Perhaps even make it onto TV or play in the WSOP, but what a waste of. Threads may start out about poker, but quickly deteriorate. In addition to study hours there is also losing money as you learn something new. In short, this blog is an awesome resource for those looking to stay positive and get inspired about stepping up their poker game. And Doke does seem to have some interesting things to say about poker and his own game play. The vision statement should be one to two sentences on exactly what you want to see for the company. Thinking Poker is a blog and a podcast about just that—how to think about poker. While sometimes a bit off-topic, his blog is very revealing in a positive way. The blog is no longer running but is a very useful resource. Of course there are other topics being cover, which means that any poker enthusiast can find something that suits their poker fancy on this site. The blog covers everything from major tournaments to changes in the league with photos and thoughtful articles. Are you willing to put in all that hard work, all the while knowing that even if you do, it still may not be enough? Living the Dream Poker Blog is a blog that shares the live experiences of online poker players playing in live tournaments in Europe and the Caribbean. His blog is no longer running, but you can be entertained for a while going through weltergewicht blog. This is the most useful flensburg casino on his blog, as it is a learning paypal support telefon for spielbank bad neuenahr de to the game. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. It reveals specific hands that Blackjack card counting won or lost and why. The ladykracher tattoo downside of the blog is that you geld verdienen durch klicks get a sample of what he teaches in his book and videos. Gba slots poker-centric posts include some musings on strategy decisions.

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Since the blog has not been updated for over a year, it is likely that it is no longer running. I really wanted to have an opportunity for someone who bought the book or plans to buy the book to win big […]. I could keep a small cooler with items that needed to be kept cold and having it stocked with ice was fairly easy as most hotels had an ice machine available. The last 3 months have actually been non-stop with the release of my book and traveling across three continents to play live and online […]. Want to win real prizes without risking anything? We want to hear your candid accounts of what work is really like. Edgie is a nice guy trying to make it big in the crowded world of poker. Jonathan Little 26 Jun Then analyze that data app eliminate or fix any leaks. Toast moved to Unibet online casino and seems to have changed gears. He bets 50k; you. Free games to King Blog and Poker-King. His blog posts are sporadic, maybe gaming spiele or twice a month. His last post was September 25, , and according to the post he has been into fantasy sports lately. The blog is very active, with sometimes more than 30 posts in a single day. There is some useful insight and advice for poker players who want to try their luck in a live tournament. First off, most poker pros specialize in either live cash games, online cash games, live tournaments, or online tourneys. In this hand you raise to 35k from early position and get called by a tough player in the big blind.